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Leasing (Most Popular Option)

5 Sections – (Length: Approx. 60 to 90 Minutes to completion)

Sample Course Topics:

  • How to get lower monthly payments on your next lease.
  • How to lower your initial cost or due at signing. 
  • How to get the car, color, and equipment you actually want and need.
  • When and how to do a lease buyout at the end of your current lease.
  • When and how to use auto leasing companies, app leasing, and online leasing.
  • How to navigate the Finance or F&I office and not be surprised by anything.


Trading In, Selling, or Returning Your Lease

2 Sections – (Length: Approx. 15 to 30 Minutes to completion)

Sample Course Topics:

  • How to trade-in your current car and get the dealership to pay you more.
  • How to get the REAL numbers for your trade and how to leverage them to your advantage.
  • Find out exactly how “tax credit” works.
  • How to never get blindsided or surprised when it comes to your trade-in.
  • If you should you sell your car privately or not.
  • How to navigate your current lease return without getting hit with fees and charges.
  • How to make sure the dealer is REALLY paying to get you out of your current lease.
  • What to do with over-mileage or damage upon lease return. 


1 Section – (Length: Approx. 30 to 60 Minutes to completion)

Sample Course Topics:

  • How to get ACCURATE credit scores that matter to dealerships.
  • Find out what banks looks for and need for vehicle approvals.
  • Make sure you never get surprised in the Finance office again.
  • How to deal with average credit issues.
  • How to deal with bad credit issues, the RIGHT way without making your situation worse.
  • How to not get taken advantage of by sales or finance.
  • How to improve your credit score, credit file, and credit applications to show your best side.
  • How to lease or finance high-end vehicles – getting more car without it seeming impossible.

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Buying / Financing





Course Bundles

Leasing + Trading In, Selling, or Returning Your Lease

7 Sections – (Length: Approx. 75 to 120 Minutes to completion)

Course Topics:

  • EVERYTHING in the Leasing course. 
  • EVERYTHING in the Trading In, Selling, or Returning your Lease course.
  • Combines 2 courses at a discounted price to give you even more savings.

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Buying/Financing + Trading In, Selling, or Returning Your Lease 






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Complete Bundle (Leasing + Buying/Financing + Trading In, Selling, or Returning Your Lease) + {For a limited time we will include the Credit Course for FREE!} 





Our Happy Clients

2015 BMW 435i

I purchased a 2015 BMW 435i xDrive M-Sport in late 2016 using what I learned from these courses.

Originally, my interest rate was at about 7% and the dealership was selling me the car for around $43,000, claiming that was it's book value. I felt that this car was the exact one I wanted, however, it was way out of my budget and I left the dealership crushed.

A few weeks later after taking the course I walked back into the same dealership for the same car and came out with a 4.99% interest rate on the loan and walked out paying $38,000 for the car.

I was ecstatic!

$5,000 off the price and two points off of my loan which came out to another $2,000 in interest that I didn't pay. I didn’t have to settle for something that I didn’t want, and was able to get a car I was dreaming of. I was able to use and pass along what I learned to help family and friends, and became the first point of contact for anyone in my circle who is purchasing a vehicle.

Thank you Bottom Line for allowing me to purchase the car I really wanted while saving $7,000 in the process.

Dave B. - 2016 - $7,000 in SAVINGS from Bottom Line Auto Club

2014 BMW 328i

BottomLineAuto is the only reason I have my dream car.

The dealer tried to offer me pennies for my trade and priced me well below market value.

The guys at Bottom Line gave me a guide on what kind of rate I should be looking for based on my credit. Then my own bank gave it to me!

They also showed me the definitive source for what I should pay for my new car.

Forget KBB. After going in with the knowledge from my membership I saved over $8,000 on my purchase between my trade in value, interest rate, and the price on the new car.

Enough said.

Aaron W. - 2016 - $8,000 in SAVINGS from Bottom Line Auto Club

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