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Leasing + Trading In, Selling, or Returning Your Lease

7 Sections – (Length: Approx. 75 to 120 Minutes to completion)

This course will give you the following:

  • Save thousands of dollars on your next lease.
  • Reduce your upfront cost (putting money down on a lease is generally NOT a good idea).
  • Get the EXACT car, color, and equipment you want.
  • Get the dealership to “locate” or order your new car for you, if you want something that’s not common.
  • Look at cars you never thought you could afford.
  • Control the entire interaction from the moment you step into a dealership.
  • NEVER be scared, anxious, or nervous in a dealership again!
  • Have no stress about signing paperwork and going into the finance office. 


  • Gain a few hundred to a few thousand more on your trade in.
  • What to do to get the MOST money possible for your trade-in. (Usually $1,000.00 to $5,000.00)
  • How to navigate the “tax-credit” to your advantage.
  • Show you if it’s worth selling your car on your own.
  • Show you how to avoid lease turn-in traps and costs.
  • How to avoid damage and over-mileage charges on lease returns.
  • Get the dealership to pay for the Disposition Fee (lease turn in fee) that is on EVERY single lease.

Price: $990.00-$50.00 (Bundle Discount) = $940.00

$445.00 – 3 Years of Access

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