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Buy Cars With Confidence


Learn all the secrets DeaLERSHIPS DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW from current industry experts!

Save the most money possible on your next vehicle lease or purchase with methods that dealer employees use.



Checking your credit score constantly? Worried that you’re lease payment will go up in the finance office or worse that you won’t get approved?

This program teaches you everything you need to know about car credit. Learn all the secrets of credit when it comes to leasing or financing your next vehicle. Know exactly what the banks are looking for so that you’ll never be blindsided by the F&I Manager.

Not only do we teach you how to spot credit issues, we also teach you how to fix your credit and increase your score before making a vehicle purchase!


Did you get the best possible deal on your last lease or did you leave some money on the table for the dealer to take?

Learn how to get the absolute best deal on a lease, all while getting the exact car you want with the exact equipment and mileage option you want, not what the dealership tells you to get.

We show you several different methods to make sure you get the best deal on your next lease.

Not in a rush? Did you know that you can factory order or “locate” the exact car and equipment you want at your local dealership? We show you how to get EXACTLY what you want even when the dealership plays the low inventory card.

Trading In, Selling, or Returning Your Lease

Want to get a another $1,000+ for your trade in?

Perfect for those looking to either trade in a car or return a previous lease.

This program teaches you how to get the most money for your trade-in from a dealership. Learn where to go and what to say to get the most money you can without selling the car yourself.

Worried about your current lease return? Over-mileage or damage concerns?

This course also includes everything you need to know to return your current lease with zero or minimal extra fees or charges.

Not sure if you want a new or used car or if you should lease or finance?

Our program works on New and Pre-Owned vehicles. We also show you when you should lease or finance. 

Worried about credit or want a better financing rate?

We help you obtain the best rates available, just as if you worked for the dealership, and prepare you for the finance office.

Should you buy an extended warranty or tire & wheel protection?

We show you when it makes sense to purchase additional products in the finance office.

Using our ultimate guide, explore all the unfortunate truths and secrets dealers don’t want you to know about: leasing, financing, negotiating a deal, and trading in your current vehicle.

Walk into a car dealership empowered with confidence and control FOR ONCE!


What is the point of this site?

Simple, to teach people how to buy/lease/trade in a car, like an employee at a dealership.

We give you all the secrets on how dealerships make money, so that you can keep the money in your pocket.

We have designed these courses to arm you with knowledge, that most consumers do not have when going to a dealership – by giving you the tools and confidence you need to save money, and for once, to not have a terrible experience at a dealership.

Okay, so what if I go to a leasing company or an auto broker instead?

Leasing companies and brokers still have to get the cars from dealerships at the end of the day.

Now, although they will usually give you a great deal on the car, they still have to make money because they are a business. So where do they make that profit?

On you, of course. Although they will surely beat the dealer, they still need to make money somewhere, in order to stay in business.

They must turn a profit, just like a dealership, and that profit is made on you; even if its $500.00 or $1000.00 – profit is still profit. They are also limited to what vehicles they can offer you – so even if they save you $50 per month, if they can only source a car with $2,000.00 less equipment, then they aren’t doing you any favors.

So, although you may be getting a better deal than your dealership will probably give you, you’re still paying more than you should, even if it’s a couple of hundred dollars. Also, keep in mind that you are making some sacrifices by going to a broker. We have a section dedicated to brokers, and all the pros and cons with using them within the courses. As a general F.Y.I. most dealerships can now match or even beat broker deals – dealerships have gotten much more aggressive in today’s market.

Is there any guarantee?

If you are overly concerned that you “won’t get your money’s worth” from our program, we will show you how to reduce your initial layout of money (C.O.D. or down payment) when you first lease or purchase a vehicle. This, in itself will, pay for your one time course fee while at the same time, get you more car/equipment than you thought possible, at better terms.

We will say that the odds of you using our methods and not saving ANY money on your next vehicle is pretty unrealistic. ONE out of the many tips that we teach have the potential to save you in excess of $1,000.00+.

The goal of this program is to make our clients better informed about the auto industry and to put money back in your pocket. With that being said, the majority of our clients will easily save in the thousands (not in the hundreds) on their next purchase.

If you have used our courses and still can not save any money before pulling the trigger on your new car, we will get involved to help mediate and get you the savings you deserve with a one on one consultation with one of our experts. Once all else fails, we do offer a 14 day money back guarantee at our discretion.  


Why would I use this instead of going to the dealer myself and negotiating?

Because this program teaches you all the secrets that dealerships do not want you to know. We reveal every trick in the book to get you the best deal, no matter what. Even if you are a great negotiator, you will still learn something new to save you money on your next car, or get a better car than what you intended – in a way that you didn’t even think about or know was possible. You may already know some of our techniques, but we are certain that there are new methods, that we teach, that you didn’t even know were possible.

I have been leasing/purchasing cars for over 20 years, what can this actually teach me?

Although the automotive business has mostly stayed the same, technology has changed it in a major way.

Ever since the internet, KBB, Truecar, dealer swaps, and all the other various sources, it has become much more difficult to make money as a salesperson or F&I manager, in the business now.

Due to that, they have to be smarter, and think outside the box, in order to turn a profit today.

Our courses will teach you all the new tricks of the trade, that you wouldn’t have otherwise know about, unless you’re on the other side.

We actually get the “this isn’t my first rodeo” phrase a lot from customers who have leased 30+ cars over their lifetime. Here is the problem with that; a good sales person will do 30+ leases in a month or two, and a finance manager will do that in a few weeks with his eyes closed. We understand when people say they have a lot of experience with leasing and dealerships, but unless you’ve actually done it for a living, you don’t know everything, even if you think you do. 

Who is this for and why are you even doing this?

This one is really easy – we are doing this for the general public, that does not know where to go or what to do, when they need a new or pre-owned car. We are really doing this for the people who just want to feel confident going into a dealership, and won’t feel like they are walking into a trap – to just get ripped off or put in a car they really don’t want. Very often, we get people walking in who are just plain uncomfortable, and would rather be doing just about anything else, (including going to the dentist) than car shopping. We want to take away that fear and anxiety from people, and give them the comfort and the confidence to know that they control the outcome, and will save thousands of dollars in the process. Not to mention, that they will probably end up in a nicer and better equipped car, than they originally went in for, with our teachings.

We are NOT doing this for people who already know people in dealerships, buy cars every year, or even those who just believe they know how the car business works – this program is 100% not for those people. If you’re a “car guy,” and want to buy your next M3 for 50% off – this is not going to help you. We expect people to have realistic expectations of what we teach – and if used properly,  will be beneficial to you, your wallet, and your driveway.

The reason we are doing this is because we are tired of people walking in, and either being completely uneasy or terrified, or downright rude and untrusting towards the few in the car business that do things the right way. Unlike many YouTube ex-car salesmen and finance managers, every one of our course contributors are currently working in the dealership environment – we are not bitter about our industry or trying to “expose” anythingwe love what we do, and just want to make the process easier for us and our customers alike. We’re not here to teach you about how to “Never pay dealer fees again!” or anything like that. We are here to educate you, and turn you into a smart and savvy car shopper, that can walk into a dealership, with the level of confidence as if it’s the 15th car you’ve bought from them; or better yet, like you’ve worked there for 15 years!

Our Happy Clients

2015 BMW 435i

I purchased a 2015 BMW 435i xDrive M-Sport in late 2016 using what I learned from these courses.

Originally, my interest rate was at about 7% and the dealership was selling me the car for around $43,000, claiming that was it's book value. I felt that this car was the exact one I wanted, however, it was way out of my budget and I left the dealership crushed.

A few weeks later after taking the course I walked back into the same dealership for the same car and came out with a 4.99% interest rate on the loan and walked out paying $38,000 for the car.

I was ecstatic!

$5,000 off the price and two points off of my loan which came out to another $2,000 in interest that I didn't pay. I didn’t have to settle for something that I didn’t want, and was able to get a car I was dreaming of. I was able to use and pass along what I learned to help family and friends, and became the first point of contact for anyone in my circle who is purchasing a vehicle.

Thank you Bottom Line for allowing me to purchase the car I really wanted while saving $7,000 in the process.

Dave B. - 2016 - $7,000 in SAVINGS from Bottom Line Auto Club

2014 BMW 328i

BottomLineAuto is the only reason I have my dream car.

The dealer tried to offer me pennies for my trade and priced me well below market value.

The guys at Bottom Line gave me a guide on what kind of rate I should be looking for based on my credit. Then my own bank gave it to me!

They also showed me the definitive source for what I should pay for my new car.

Forget KBB. After going in with the knowledge from my membership I saved over $8,000 on my purchase between my trade in value, interest rate, and the price on the new car.

Enough said.

Aaron W. - 2016 - $8,000 in SAVINGS from Bottom Line Auto Club

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